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The World According to Google

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Larry Page, looking into the future.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    If some of the projects pursued by Larry Page work out in transport, computing and artificial intelligence, they would further strengthen Google’s dominant position in the market.

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    • Larry Page is a computer scientist who co-founded Google in 1998.
    • Google has 55,600 employees and turnover of $60 billion.
    • Google is the target of anti-trust investigations by the European Commission.
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Larry Page remembers exactly what inspired his life’s work: a book he read at the age of twelve, about Nikola Tesla.

He was moved by the story of the Serbian-American inventor who foresaw 120 years ago how we would use alternative current and communicate wirelessly today.

Tesla was an eccentric pioneer who became the darling of New York high society and won over the biggest investors of his day as patrons. But he wasn’t a businessman and died poor, never having realized his vision.

Mr. Page, son of a computer scientist and a programmer, zoomed through the book, full of wonder at the inventor who created things we use today but saddened by the limitations of money.

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