Hot Fight on Gourmet Grill

Hans im Gluck hamburger cut dpa
Biting into the Hans that feeds you.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Fast food companies are caught between working as chains with franchises who provide the same standard of service and providing a slow food experience with an individual touch.

  • Facts


    • Hans im Glück grew in just five years to €90 million in sales. It plans to open up to 50 new shops in 2016.
    • Franchise owner Patrick Junge is splitting off to start his own burger chain, Peter Pane.
    • Hans im Glück’s boss Thomas Hirschberger also started Sausalitos, a successful Mexican restaurant chain.
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Germany’s gourmet burger chain Hans im Glück is splitting into two parts.

Following a spat between the two senior managers at the company, one has left in order to set up a rival chain.

The division followed a dispute between Hans im Glück’s chief executive Thomas Hirschberger and one of his biggest franchise holders Patrick Junge, whose restaurants had contributed up to 30 percent of total sales.

The spat may be the first shot in a long-distance duel over dominance in the sizzling industry.

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