Television Industry

Hollywood? Nein, Danke

tv-montage Fox Broadcasting CO., RTL [M]
Hollywood just doesn't get the picture anymore. Picture source: Fox Broadcasting CO., RTL [M]

When LA Screenings, the world’s largest international television market, opens its doors this Tuesday, top-level program executives from some 70 countries will head to California to scour the US TV networks’ latest blockbusters.

The program heads of Germany’s private TV channels will be among them, but expectations are low. “Spoils over the past years didn’t live up to our hopes,” said Frank Hoffmann, program chief of RTL, who will join the meeting for the eleventh time this year.

The many offers by US production companies such as Warner, Fox, Disney, Universal and Sony no longer seem to capture Germans’ imagination.

“TV shows by the big studios have especially lost their importance for us as mainstream channels, as they attract significantly less of an audience,” Mr. Hoffmann explained. “Unfortunately, the rule ‘whatever works well in the States, also works well in Germany,’ doesn’t apply.”

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