Jessica Federer

High Flier at Bayer

Jessica Bayer
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Bayer is in the midst of a transition from a traditional German company to a digital, networked global business like many other DAX-listed companies.

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    • Jessica Federer is head of digital development at Bayer.
    • Bayer is in the middle of trying to take over Monsanto to create the world’s biggest maker of seeds and pesticides.
    • Bayer ranks among the world’s fastest-growing makers of drugs and agrochemical.
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A chance meeting between a nun and a social media whizz shows how small the world is – and how well networked some of its denizens are.

Sister Maureen, a nun in Manhattan, was gazing at her mobile, deep into a game of Pokémon Go. Jessica Federer was waited for an Uber taxi on her way back to Bayer, her employer, after having just made a deal with Google.

Ms. Federer recognized her old teacher from Catholic elementary school right away. They’re Facebook friends and the reach of Ms. Federer’s network won’t surprise anyone who knows her – it is her mission after all.

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