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Hanging by a Thread

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New look at a textile plant in Russia.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The crisis with Russia has far-reaching repercussions for numerous industries – both in Russia and abroad.

  • Facts


    • There are strong ties between the Russian textile industry and German production engineering and suppliers.
    • Ivanovo, the traditional heartland of Russia’s textile business, hit hard by the financial crisis.
    • The ruble exchange rate plummeted last year by nearly 50 percent compared to the euro and 60 percent compared to the dollar.
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Ivanovo used to be the textile heart of Russia, filled with cloth and spinners.

Six hours north east from Moscow, the city used to be the base for textile manufacturer Schujskije Sitzy whose 7,000 employees wove cotton tablecloths and bed sheets.

After the end of the socialist era, the industry and the city dwindled but the town has been revived in recent years by a new textile factory which produces 1,500 tons of fabric every month out of the old Schujskije Sitzy production site.

Roman Kusnezov owns the factory. He invested in equipment made by Trützschler, a global market leader from Mönchengladbach, Germany. Now, the 800 people work there and engineers manage the facility from an air-conditioned control room as if it were a nuclear power plant.

Mr. Kusnezov is proud of the factory he runs, which makes more fabric now than during the 200 years since the company started.

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