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Giving Truth Wings

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Dietrich Mateschitz has been an outspoken critic of Austria and Germany’s refugee policies and often courts controversy.

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    • Mr. Mateschitz co-founded the Red Bull energy drink company in 1984.
    • Its huge popularity has seen the firm move heavily into sports marketing.
    • The 72-year-old is estimated by Forbes magazine to be worth €13.4 billion ($14.2 billion).
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Red Bull Ring in Spielberg
Red Bull's empire includes the Spielberg grand prix circuit in Austria. Source: DPA

His firm’s energy drink sells around the world and its sponsorship of sports, both mainstream and extreme, knows no bounds. Now it seems Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz wants to take over the world, à la Donald Trump.

The Austrian billionaire, whose empire extends from drinks to soccer clubs to air races, is a big fan of the U.S. president and appears to share his skepticism regarding the mainstream media.

He plans to set up a multimedia platform called “Näher an die Wahrheit,” (“Closer to the Truth”) that will be accessible to everyone and will, he said, be independent of Red Bull and his own TV station Servus TV.  It will be financed by his private foundation “Quo Vadis Veritas” (“Where is The Truth Going?”)

The flamboyant tycoon, estimated by Forbes magazine to be worth €13.4 billion ($14.2 billion), explained his reasoning in a rare media interview with Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung.

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