Artificial intelligence

Giant Firms, Small Thinking

Humanoid robot of British company RoboThespian blushes during the opening ceremony of the Hanover technology fair Cebit
First blush: a British robot showed what it was capable of during a science fair.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    While Germany’s automobile and machine-building sectors say they are devoting ample resources to artificial intelligence, A.I. developers want more money to compete with U.S. and European rivals.

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    • Last year, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM spent more than $10 billion (€9 billion) on artificial intelligence research and development.
    • A survey of world business leaders indicated that less than half in Germany invest in smart and A.I. technologies, compared to more than three-quarters in the U.S.
    • Ten of the 12 companies that invest the most in artificial intelligence are U.S.-based.
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Ronnie Vuine runs a Berlin-based startup that harnesses artificial intelligence for industrial uses – but that doesn’t mean he’s all business, all the time.

His company Micropsi Industries also programmed an A.I. game piece known as D1 “for fun, and because we want to show what’s possible,” he told Handelsblatt.

D1’s A.I. “brain” looks a bit like a fire hydrant spraying out countless tiny streams of water. The figure uses trial and error to track down food, Mr. Vuine explained, and each stream represents a different experience.

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