Getting around the biggest roadblock

Aral Jahrespressegespräch
Powering up: A sign at a Dortmund gas station indicates that e-cars are welcome too. Source: DPA

Just over a year ago, four of the best-known car manufacturers in the world launched an ambitious, and much-needed, project in Munich. It had an unwieldy name: European High Power Charging Management.

It turned out that the project’s name was not the only thing that was unwieldy. A joint venture between auto industry giants Porsche, Daimler, BMW and Ford, the project was to facilitate the building of 400 rapid-charging stations for electric cars on the most important routes in Germany, something that is expected to cost several hundred million euros. That was in June last year.

Porsche has apparently been negotiating with companies who can build the stations and the company has also looked into real estate where the stations can be built. But it was only recently that BMW announced the first charging stations would be built. So why was it all taking so long?

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