Lacking Innovation

Germany’s Weak Spot

TRW John C Plant ZF Friedrichshafen Stefan Sommer PR
German-American ties at their finest: John Plant of TRW just did good business with ZF Friedrichhafen's Stefan Sommer.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Germany’s economy could face a lower growth rate if international companies cut back on investments and innovation is weak.

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    • A survey of U.S. companies doing business in German showed 28 percent see Germany as the frontrunner of innovation.
    • Only 12 percent see Germany as the innovation leader in 10 years’ time.
    • Education in the area of new technologies and research subsidies are seen as ways to increase Germany’s innovation power, another poll found.
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Whenever American companies judge Germany, their assessment is the same: Location: good; Preparedness for the future: at best sufficient.

When it’s an international comparison factoring in well-built transportation routes, a geographic position right in the middle of Europe and an excellent education system, U.S. companies give Germany a very good grade of B+, according to a survey by the American Chamber of Commerce, or AmCham, of its members who operate in Germany. It’s a small improvement over the ratings in 2014.

“Germany is important for U.S. companies,” said Bernhard Mattes, the CEO of Ford Motor Co. in Germany and the president of AmCham.

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