Kazim Akboga

German YouTube Sensation Dies

Kazim Akboga
Kazim Akboga was 34 years old. Source: DPA

German comedian and international YouTube star Kazim Akboga has died, according to a post on Facebook from his management.

Mr. Akboga rose to international fame at the end of 2015 for a viral video called “Ist mir egal” or “I don’t care” in English.

In the video, which was part of an advertising campaign for the BVG, Berlin’s public transport system, Mr. Akboga portrays a ticket controller checking passengers on buses and in subways.

His satirical rap is about people being able to do whatever they want, from riding horses to grating cheese and plagiarizing, as long as they’ve purchased a valid ticket.


Mr. Akboga’s catchy rap, and the hilarious video which pushes the boundaries of good taste and pokes fun at Berlin’s vibrant counter-culture, has over 9 million views on YouTube. International media referred to Mr. Akboga as “the Turkish Weird Al” and raved about the video as one of the best public service announcements ever created.

According to German media reports, Mr. Akboga committed suicide. His manager May-Brit Stabel told newspaper Berliner Zeitung that the comedian had been struggling with psychological problems of late. The Facebook post asks for the public to respect the family by refraining from discussing what happened on social media.

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