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Adrian Runhof and Johnny Talbot met in Munich in the early 1990s and have been working together ever since.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    According to the German Federal Gazette, in the 2014 business year they invested more than a half million euros back into their company.

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    • Mr. Talbot is American and Mr. Runhof is German; both grew up in fashion families.
    • After meeting in Munich, they launched their own fashion label 20 years ago.
    • Their company has roughly 50 employees and sales “in the lower two-digit millions.”
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When guests arrive at the Munich studio of designers Adrian Runhof and Johnny Talbot, they often get a demonstration in obedience training.

“Roll, Cooper, roll,” Mr. Talbot commanded on a recent visit.

On the floor, a little beige and black border terrier rolled over two times. Then he sat and waited patiently in front of a treat lying before him on the floor. Only when his master said “OK” did the dog snap up his reward.

The Munich studio also serves as a cutting and sewing workshop, outlet store and administrative offices for their fashion label — the Talbot Runhof line of elegant evening and cocktail wear.

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