GE Focuses on Germany for 3-D Printing

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    With its acquisitions of German company Concept Laser and Swedish firm Arcam, GE is now the biggest player in a 3-D printing industry, a sector that is gaining ground globally.

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    • Concept Laser sold 400 units with €91 million in sales in 2016.
    • The global 3-D printing industry grew 26 percent in 2015 to $5.2 billion.
    • Sources say GE also plans to invest €100 million ($107.6 million) in a 3-D campus in Concept Laser’s homebase in Lichtenfels.
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FILE PHOTO: The General Electric logo is pictured on working helmets during a visit at the General Electric offshore wind turbine plant in Montoir-de-Bretagne
GE is focusing its 3-D laser printing business on Germany. Picture source: Reuters.

Germany is set to play a leading role in the new 3D printing division of General Electric. The US company wants to invest €100 million ($107.6 million) in a new 3D campus in the Bavarian town of Lichtenfels, Handelsblatt has learned from industry sources. Concept Laser, the 3D printing metal specialist recently acquired by GE, is also based there. In addition, the new global GE Additive division could also be based in Germany, giving rival Siemens a run for its money on home turf.

Concept Laser, which was founded by Frank Herzog in 2000, had wanted to team up with a larger company to drive growth.

At the moment, it is in desperate need of better facilities. Research and development divisions work out of shipping containers.

Under the new plans, work will begin this fall on a 25,000-square-meter, modern headquarters.

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