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Fruit from the Apple Tree

Designed in California, made in Asia with a few German parts. Source: AP
Designed in California, made in Asia with a few German parts.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Dialog Semiconductor, like many other German companies, is growing rapidly because of its partnership with Apple.

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    • Dialog provides chips for the power supply of Apple products.
    • Other big-name German companies such as Bosch, Osram and Henkel are also Apple suppliers.
    • Apple also has a close connection to the software maker SAP.
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Life without an iPhone? Unimaginable for many people these days, which is why Apple products continue to fly off the shelves.

Analysts reckon the California-based company sold more than 66 million smartphones during the Christmas quarter, a good 15 million more than a year ago. With prices starting at €700, or $785, per device, that is a serious achievement.

The Silicon Valley brand, which has achieved a cult-like status, will present its most recent results late on Tuesday. Anything other than a new record would be surprising.

What few know is that German suppliers are also reaping magnificent benefits from the boom of iPhones and iPads, especially Dialog Semiconductor. The stock of the company more than doubled over the past 12 months.

CEO Jalal Bagherli generates about three-fourths of sales with the Americans. “If you work together with industry leaders,” said Mr. Bagherli, confidently, “then your company must also be world class.”

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