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Fresenius Hospitals in Need of Treatment

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Fresenius is growing but at what cost? 
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Some doctors and nurses working for Fresenius have complained that patient care suffers if costs and staff are cut too much.

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    • Fresenius has delivered rising profits for shareholders and sales which recently rose to €23.3 billion, or $26.5 billion.
    • Fresenius has four divisions: Fresenius Helios, the hospital segment; Fresenius Medical Care, dialysis clinics; Fresenius Kabi, transfusion medicines and technology; and Fresenius Vamed, worldwide hospitals and health-care centers.
    • Helios operates more than 100 hospitals and employs about 70,000 people. It is based in Berlin.
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Twice a year, Ulf Schneider exchanges his suit for a white nurse’s coat at a hospital in Bad Homburg, in the central German state of Hesse.

The chief executive of the Fresenius health-care group brings meals to patients and pushes beds from one ward to another to gain an idea of the problems the doctors and nurses working in the large company face every day.

Mr. Schneider, a trained economist, describes hospital work as “very exhausting on a soul level.”

But many of his medical employees believe the boss is making their jobs even more exhausting by piling on more work in search of higher profits.

Throughout Fresenius Helios, the hospital division of the DAX-listed global company, discontent is growing over cost and staff-reduction pressures from the top.

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