Ford’s diesel bluster put to the test

A clean diesel? Picture source: Reuters

As Germany’s Dieselgate scandal has widened, snaring more and more carmakers in its web, one manufacturer, the American-owned Ford-Werke GmbH, has sought to distance itself from the rest of the industry by boasting that its cars meet legal exhaust standards without employing any trick software.

But now serious questions have begun to be asked about the company’s assertions. The German transport ministry has asked its road transportation watchdog to investigate whether Ford’s popular Mondeo model contains an illegal emissions device.

Also casting doubts on the company’s position are road tests by the German automobile association (ADAC) and the non-governmental ecology group Environmental Aid. ADAC tested 77 diesel vehicles for their emissions this year, and four Ford models were among the dirtiest, placing 62nd, 72nd, 74th and 75th, making Ford the manufacturer with the worst record. The testers concluded that Ford must have used a defeat device when the cars were tested in order to meet government emission standards.

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