Chinese creativity

Goodbye Factory, Hello World

Xiaomi revenue in India
Show me Xiaomi and I'll show you a company we'll all know soon. Source: Picture alliance

The brown Mongolian desert makes the pristine buildings stand out all the more. Freshly-tarred roads cut through plains to a modern industrial zone, home to BOE Technology Group and other businesses.

BOE makes displays for companies such as Samsung and now wants to put its own brand on the map with its own TVs and refrigerator displays, made for orders online.

It’s a sign of change in China, where 90 percent of all smartphones, 80 percent of all computers and 60 percent of all TVs are produced. Beiing wants to leave behind the production lines and be known as a driver of innovation. Authorities and ministries are trying to incentivize companies and entrepreneurs and have encouraged Chinese firms to learn from foreign companies.

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