Borgward Returns

Engineering a Comeback

The Borgward BX7. Credit: Borgward
The Borgward BX7.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Electric cars are gaining popularity, and Borgward plans to gain a foothold in the market using “predatory pricing.”

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    • Borgward was once Germany’s third largest car manufacturer, but went bankrupt in 1961.
    • The company is relaunching with electric and hybrid SUVs aimed mainly at the Chinese market. Borgward wants to bring its first two models to the German market in 2017.
    • Borgward is a subsidiary of Chinese truck maker Foton, and cars for the European market will be built in China and assembled in Germany.
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The Borgward brand has a long history. Once the third largest vehicle manufacturer in Germany, the name hasn’t been seen on a new car since the company went bankrupt in 1961. But it’s about to rise from the ashes.

In its heyday, the Bremen-based carmaker employed more than 20,000 people and sold cars under the Hansa, Goliath, Lloyd and Borgward badges. Founded by charismatic industrialist Carl Borgward, the company built stylish cars that incorporated cutting-edge technology such as pneumatic suspension and anti-roll systems. Some car enthusiasts consider the Isabella to be one of the era’s most beautiful cars, and the P100 was one of the fastest cars in its class. Some models were even exported to the United States.

Those engineering the comeback  have decided to once again do things differently from the competition. True to Mr. Borgward’s legacy, innovation is driving the brand’s revival. But instead of a nimble coupe in the style of the sporty Isabella, Borgward has gone to the other end of the market and is concentrating on sport utility vehicles. Employing electric and hybrid power systems, the automaker aims to break new ground in the SUV sector.

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