VW Aftershocks

Emissions Scandal Sparks Political Spat

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Trouble on the horizon.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Politicians in nine German states want to know more about the VW diesel emissions scandal and are organizing a key meeting on Wednesday.

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    • Nine state environmental ministries support holding a conference to deal with the impact of VW’s manipulation of exhaust-fume tests.
    • But not all important issues will be covered at the conference, which will not be held in public as originally discussed, sources said.
    • On Wednesday, the first case relating to the exhaust manipulations will be heard in a German court – but more cases are likely to follow.
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A conflict is raging among German states over the political response to Volkswagen’s cheating on diesel-engine emissions tests.

In November, environmental ministries in nine states led by North Rhine-Westphalia called for a conference to respond to the impact of the VW emissions scandal, known widely as Dieselgate. Although they still plan to meet on Wednesday, they feel they have been misled, ministry sources told Handelsblatt.

The brunt of the criticism is directed at the city-state of Berlin, which currently holds the presidency of the conference of environmental ministers and is in charge of organizing the event.

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