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Earning a Pretty Penne

Barilla pasta production PR
Germany's crazy for Barilla's ready-made pasta sauces.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Barilla is steadily making inroads into the global pasta market, including developing special wok noodles for Asia.

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    • Barilla bought German bakery chain Kamps for €1.8 billion ($1.99 billion) in 2002 and sold it for a fraction of the price in 2013.
    • Germany is a key test market for new Barilla products.
    • The company has 9 percent of the global pasta market.
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In 2002, Italy-based pasta company Barilla spent €1.8 billion, $1.9 billion, buying the German bakery chain Kamps and only managed to cover a portion of the price through sales. It sold the chain again, reportedly for under €50 million, in 2010.

Now, thirteen years after that costly mistake, the family-owned company has reason to rejoice again in Germany.

German sales have doubled in the past ten years, and the country contributes €200 million to Barilla’s total sales of €3.3 billion. According to Euromonitor, Barilla is No. 1 in the German pasta market with a 15-percent share, well ahead of fast-growing Ebro Foods, which has almost 5 percent. The company enjoys a 28-percent share in sauces and 47-percent share in the crisp bread market.

Barilla is also opening its first museum in Germany this week, showcasing the history of the company and the founding family in Celle.

Currently, the company has 9 percent of the global pasta market. “We want to reach a market share of 20 percent worldwide in pasta,” said Paolo Barilla, Barilla’s vice president and the great-grandson of the founder.

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