Dollar Stores

Duel of the Discounters

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Under attack? Tedi headquarters in Dortmund, Germany. Source: Tedi

It was fighting talk. “Over the past year we have opened 60 new stores in Germany,” Sander van der Laan, CEO of Action, one of Europe’s largest non-food discounters, said. “This year there will be significantly more,” he added. “We want to become an important retailer right across Germany, and fast.”

The Dutch discounter has already opened one logistics center close to Frankfurt and plans a second. By the end of 2016, Action had 136 stores in Germany, this year 200 will have opened their doors.

But Action will face tough competition from Tedi, the leading discount retailer from Germany, which already has 1,360 stores in the country. Like Action, Tedi sells gift and decorative items, toys and stationery as well as other non-food household items, all at a discount and often for as little as €1.

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