Emissions Scandal

Dieselgate probe widens to Porsche

porschecayenne, LR2EBC10UF66A
Did Porsche cheat emissions tests? Picture source: Reuters

State prosecutors in Stuttgart have launched an investigation into possible manipulation of emissions data in diesel vehicles against unknown employees of Volkswagen’s Porsche subsidiary, a company spokesman said.

The new probe marks yet a further stage in the emissions scandal that has engulfed Europe’s largest auto group with investigations into VW and Audi models throughout Europe as well as in the US.

Porsche, which has long been linked to VW and was fully consolidated into the group in 2011, has so far largely escaped scrutiny in the scandal. But the discovery of further questionable data at Audi last month alerted authorities to possible problems with the diesel motors Audi supplies for Porsche’s Cayenne model.

The cascading investigations stem from findings in 2014 in the US that emissions from VW diesel models were much lower in government tests than in actual road performance. It emerged that VW had used software to cheat US emissions tests.

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