Deutsche Bahn Boss to Stay the Course

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Source: Reuters

The new CEO at Deutsche Bahn, Richard Lutz, does not want to fundamentally change the course of the company. Last year was successful for the rail operator, Mr. Lutz said on Wednesday after his official appointment with the Supervisory Board. “In a situation like this, no one will question the system and the strategy,” he said.

It is clear, however, that there is still much to be done in the group. Mr. Lutz’s appointment to chief executive comes with a five-year commitment, expiring in 2022.


“He knows the challenge: more service, more punctuality, more quality!”

Alexander Dobrindt, Transportation Minister

“Being the head of Deutsche Bahn is a job like no other,” he said

Though he is saddled with a dual role as chief executive and financial director, Mr. Lutz said he didn’t feel overwhelmed. “I am going to give 150 percent,” said the 52-year-old.

Transportation Minister Alexander Dobrindt said: “He knows the challenge: more service, more punctuality, more quality!”

Mr. Lutz succeeded Rüdiger Grube, who left Deutsche Bahn amid a dispute over his contract extension. Mr. Lutz has been a member of the company since 1994 and has been the chief financial officer since 2010. His move into the top job comes after Mr. Grube’s departure at the end of January.


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