Despite diesel recall, Porsche will push on

oliver blume, porsche ceo interview
Down but not out. Source: Reuters

A month after Germany ordered Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche to recall thousands of its Cayenne sports utility vehicles due to emissions violations, the company’s says it won’t stop producing diesel versions of the popular SUV.

“Fact is, the new Cayenne will also be available in diesel,” Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told Handelsblatt in an interview.

Mr. Blume said a software update for the affected vehicles had already been submitted to Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority, known as the KBA, and that Porsche expected regulators to give the improved code the green light in the coming weeks.

The Porsche recall was unique insofar as it happened to a company that does not develop its own diesel engines. The compromised motors in question came from Audi, another Volkswagen subsidiary.

Mr. Blume said Porsche was already working on a software update for the diesel Cayenne SUVs when the government ordered the recall, but he refused to blame Audi for any deceptive practices, saying customers should hold the company responsible from which they purchased their vehicle.

“As a customer, I wouldn’t care what a manufacturer had bought,” he said. “We take responsibility for the entire vehicle, whether it’s a component from a supplier or not.”

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