Death of an Auto Visionary

Robert Koehler Picture alliance
Robert Koehler has died age 66.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    With the death of Robert Koehler, Germany has lost a visionary whose work with carbon applications was critical to the development of BMW’s i3 car.

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    • Robert Koehler was born in on Janury 12, 1949 in Munich, and died on May 17, 2015.
    • Mr. Koehler’s work in developing carbon applications was crucial for BMW’s i3 car.
    • Mr. Koehler worked for SGL Group, an international producer of carbon fibers, for most of his career.
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Robert Koehler’s entered the world of business with a bang – or at least a provocation.

He had just turned 40 when he presented his plans for a restructuring of Hoechst to the chemical group’s bosses in Frankfurt. The managers shot him down. They thought his plans for a reorganization were just too radical.

A little later, though, Hoechst followed his vision and spun off the production of electrodes for the metal industry.

When the question arose as to who should head up the new company, Mr. Koehler’s name naturally came up.

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