Corporate Restructuring

Daimler dances to different tune

Daimler's plans for corporate restructuring may make it less monolithic. Picture source: Reuters

One of the stock lines in Hollywood musicals from the 1930s and 1940s was when the lead actor would set the stage for the talented singers and dancers by proclaiming – like it was a new idea – “Hey kids! Let’s put on a show.” In a similar fashion, top executives at Daimler, the maker of Mercedes cars and trucks, have decided the best thing to do in the face of the crushing scandal over diesel emissions is to embark on yet another corporate restructuring.

Plans surfacing this week to transform Daimler into a holding company with three operating units – cars, trucks and buses, and financial services – mark the latest in a string of corporate restructurings at the carmaker, none of which have produced tremendous success.

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