Container terminal

Chinese Land Chunk of Hamburg’s Port

Hamburger Hafen
Slow boats to China: The Port of Hamburg. Source: dpa

Hamburg Port Authority is set to allow a Chinese firm to build a new container terminal at Europe’s third largest port, angering local rivals and further stoking fears of a Chinese takeover of German assets.

China Communications Construction Company Ltd won an HPA competition to develop a site at the port. It plans to construct a fully automated logistics facility in cooperation with Shanghai-based ZPMC, the world market leader for container bridges.

The plans have sparked dismay among the companies providing services in the harbor.

“Hamburg port doesn’t need another container terminal,” said Gunther Bonz, president of Unternehmensverband Hafen Hamburg (UVHH), an association of over 100 companies involved in container shipping and related services at the port. He said that existing terminal capacity would be sufficient to cover the projected volume of container business up to 2025 and beyond.

A spokesperson for HHLA, the listed transport and logistics company that operates three of the port’s four existing terminals, said: “Another container terminal would simply lead to a redistribution of existing business, and would consequently put jobs at risk.”

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