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Charlie Invests in Chocolate Factory

Halloren Klaus lelle DPA
Halloren CEO Klaus Lellé is taking his sweet treats abroad.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Luxembourg-based investment company Charlie Investors has joined up with the traditional German chocolatier, Halloren, to pursue expansion abroad.

  • Facts


    • Halloren in Halle is reputed to be Germany’s oldest chocolate company.
    • Executive board leader Klaus Lellé aims to more than double sales by 2018 to €300 million.
    • The driving force behind largely unknown Charlie Investors is believed to be former ING and Lehman Brothers executive.
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It has all the ingredients of a sweet comeback story:  an eastern German chocolate brand with a long tradition; a successful initial public offering; and now a new investor.

Halloren, reputed to be Germany’s oldest chocolate factory, is making yet another critical move in its 200-year-old history to remain competitive.

Chairman Klaus Lellé, who has been at the helm of the company for 17 years and took it public in 2007, has joined forces with a new investor with the aim of more than doubling sales by 2018 to €300 million ($3.7 million).

Mr. Lellé told Handelsblatt that the new investor plans to own a quarter of Halloren’s shares, after acquiring 10 percent of its stock in December.

The investor officially trades as Charlie Investors, a newly founded entity based in Luxembourg that is largely unknown. Halloren has not disclosed the identities of Charlie’s principals to other shareholders.

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