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Performance at this year's Cebit.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    At the height of the dot com boom in 2001, the world renowned Cebit computer expo drew in a record 850,000 visitors. That figure slumped to 210,000 last year. Many said the trade show was on its last legs. This makeover could be Cebit’s last chance to reverse that trend.

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    • Cebit to reinvent itself as the most important marketplace for the networked digital economy.
    • The information technology fair aims to become a “global event for digital business.”
    • Organizers say visitors and exhibitor numbers will be up this year.
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“D!conomy – join, create, succeed.” Under this motto, Cebit 2016 wants to widen its focus on computers and IT and become “the most important global event for digital business,” as Deutsche Messe board member Oliver Frese put it.

The colorful hall plan for next March’s event is already hanging on a flipboard in Mr. Frese’s 10th-floor office, where he has a view of the expo grounds.

Come March, he hopes to see as many digital movers and shakers as possible down there, networking. “Digitization is a major trend that pulls in all industries and puts traditional business models to the test,” said Mr. Frese.

Small and mid-sized companies, in particular, have some serious catching up to do, he added.

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