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Rock 'n' Stroller. Tausendkind's products make for fashionable kids. Source: Tausendkind

Things are bustling at Tausendkind’s headquarters in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district. The office is filled with long rows of desks and computers, and the largely female workforce sits close together. Portraits of employees with their favorite products hang on the walls; stuffed animals are particularly popular. In the office of founders Kathrin Weiß and Anike von Gagern, two austere white desks have been pushed together. A rocking tiger looks on from the corner.

More than eight years ago, Ms. Weiß asked herself an important question: Where are the really fine gifts for children? As a godmother, she noticed that the most creative gifts always came from experienced mothers. “Then I told myself: It’s a scandal that you can’t find beautiful things like that online.”

And so Tausendkind was born during her first pregnancy. The online shop sells high-quality fashion, accessories and gifts for babies and children. Now the two founders have also entered the furniture business – a risky strategy.

Since its foundation in 2010, Tausendkind has grown at breathtaking speed. More than 100 people now work for the company, and the warehouse has moved from its Charlottenburg headquarters to the south of Berlin. Since its founding, it has raised three rounds of financing, the amounts for which remain undisclosed.

German retail as a whole is anticipated to increase by 2.2 percent this year to €493 billion. The online retail sales segment is expected to grow even faster – this year by 11 percent to €48.8 billion. But the ecommerce market is dominated by a few giants: The €11.1 billion sales brought in by Germany’s three largest online retailers – Amazon, Otto and Zalando – are about equal to the rest of the top 100.

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