Business Still Betting on TTIP

Germany US Trade
TTIP isn't exactly popular among Germans either. Source: AP

Dieter Kempf, the head of Germany’s most influential business lobby, is no fan of Donald Trump. He finds the US president’s prolific social media missives so obnoxious that he recently unfollowed him on Twitter.

“Some ideas just cannot be explained in 140 characters; I don’t have any desire to spoil my mood,” Mr. Kempf told Handelsblatt on the sidelines of the Day of German Industry in Berlin, an economic policy conference where movers and shakers in the business and political worlds rub shoulders.

Few public figures in Germany have a kind word for the US president these days, and Mr. Kempf is no exception. He sets Mr. Trump apart from his White House predecessors. There’s a difference between a president who pursues America’s interests first, Mr. Kempf said, and a “fact-free” president who destabilizes the world.


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