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BMW CEO Collapses on Stage

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Two assistants help BMW CEO Harald Krüger back on his feet after he collapsed Tuesday during a presentation in Frankfurt.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Harald Krüger, 49, took over in May as chief executive of BMW, the world’s largest maker of luxury autos and sedans.

  • Facts


    • Mr. Krüger was speaking in Frankfurt at an industry conference when he collapsed on stage and was helped off by assistants.
    • A company spokesman later said he had experienced dizziness and he was “stable” and “recovering well.”
    • BMW shares dipped briefly by more than a euro after the CEO took a fall, but have since recovered in Frankfurt trading.
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Harald Krüger, BMW’s chief executive since May, collapsed on stage Tuesday during a presentation at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Mr. Krüger, 49, was quickly picked up by two assistants and led off the stage. He did not return to finish his presentation.

“In the morning, Harald Krüger had not been feeling well,” BMW spokesman Maximilian Schöberl said in an emailed statement. “He had recently returned from travels abroad. It was, however, important to him to be available for this appearance.”

Following his collapse, which Mr. Schöberl described as “a moment of dizziness,” a doctor examined Mr. Krüger and the chief executive’s health was shown to be “stable” and he was “recovering well,” the BMW spokesman said.

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