Big Money Seeking Startup Success

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Groupon is just one startup to receive investment through venture capital firm e-ventures, which has seen increasing interest from established companies looking to stay relevant.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Traditional companies want to stay relevant by getting involved in new developemnts and technologies.

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    • All the big DAX firms are on the lookout for new ideas from startups.
    • A new €150-million investment fund in venture capital firm E.ventures’ portfolio mainly contains tech companies that are directed to end customers.
    • Big companies like Bosch, which has already put hundreds of millions of euros into startups, deliberately channel money to other funds to see as many ideas as possible.
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What does Porsche have to do with contraception? Nothing, as far as its cars are concerned. Nevertheless, the Volkswagen subsidiary has a stake in a startup fund that includes a Swedish fertility monitoring app called Natural Cycles.

The new €150 million investment fund was established by the Hamburg offices of global venture capital firm e-ventures, Handelsblatt has learned. Much of the money in the fund comes from big German companies like Porsche, the Haniel Group, Metro, Oetker, Rewe and Otto, which has been one of the main sources of e.ventures’ funds since 2008.

“The participation is a strategic element of our program for the future,” said Lutz Meschke, deputy head of Porsche AG. “We want to be sure of access to innovative startups and new technologies – as well as strengthening our network. But of course we’re also interested in seeing returns.”

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