Regine Leibinger

Big in Berlin

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Regine Leibinger branched out into the construction industry.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Regine Leibinger has designed the tallest building in Berlin, a city that is one of the most highly-coveted construction destinations for top-tier architects.

  • Facts


    • The architectural firm, Barkow Leibinger, was founded in Berlin in 1993 and now has about 70 employees.
    • The Leibinger family owns Trumpf, one of the world’s biggest producers of machine tools.
    • Barkow Leibinger is known for an innovative design aesthetic, drawing on Leibinger’s deep understanding of construction materials.
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Whenever Regine Leibinger talks about New York, her southern German accent melts away as she switches into perfect American English.

For her, New York and all its skyscrapers didn’t just embody her dreams as a young architect. It also represented her escape from her birthplace, the southern German city of Stuttgart, and the almost predetermined path set for her as a daughter of one of Germany’s most well-known industrialist families.

“I wanted to break out of the family atmosphere,” she said.

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