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  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Experts consider the founding of an incubator a good way for companies to gain a start-up feel and a way for young firms to benefit from mentors’ experience.

  • Facts


    • Electronics retail chain Media-Saturn plans to support start-ups with capital and expert advice.
    • Many major German companies including Axel Springer, Otto, BMW, Deutsche Telekom and Siemens have start-up incubators too.
    • Established companies worldwide invested an estimated €19.6 billion in fledgling companies in 2013.
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When Martin Sinner became head of the Media-Saturn holding group’s online services in 2014, he announced the electronics retailer would launch an incubator to help start-ups.

The Media-Saturn holding group is the largest electronics retailer in Europe. Its parent company is the Metro group, the world’s seventh-biggest retailer.

Media-Saturn has now firmed up its plans and will financially participate in new consumer-electronics companies and work with them in their development.

“Spacelab” is the name of the program that, as a so-called incubator, will take start-ups with a good product or business model and get them to a market-ready state.

“We’re aiming to find start-ups that fit in with us, either in our value chain or our range of products,” Mr. Sinner told Handelsblatt.

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