Tele Columbus

Betting on Entertainment

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Tele Columbus is betting on entertainment.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Cable operator Tele Columbus hopes it can continue its expansion in Germany, which could hit the profitability of Vodafone-owned Kabel Deutschland, Liberty Global’s Unitymedia and Deutsche Telekom.

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    • Tele Columbus, originally a regional cable network operator in and around Berlin, has grown into the third-largest firm nationwide, reaching 3.6 million German households.
    • In 2015, Tele Columbus bought the cable provider Primacom for €711 million and Pepcom for €608 million.
    • Tele Columbus went public in early 2015 and is now listed on the SDAX index of small and mid-sized companies.
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There were times when the borders between telecom and cable providers were clearly defined.

Telecommunication companies offered telephone service and later internet connections. Cable network operators offered cable television. The two sectors didn’t intrude on each other’s territory.

But technical progress has made them more or less equal. Today they all offer internet access. And since it has long been possible to access telephone and TV services via the internet, the providers’ portfolios are now basically identical.

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