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Borgward is back.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    There might be new competition in the auto industry if Borgward achieves its ambitious production plans.

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    • Christian Borgward, grandson of the founder, has recruited auto industry veteran Karlheinz Knöss as vice-president of the revived brand, who is promising the company can achieve production of  800,000 cars per year by 2020.
    • Mr. Knöss says an SUV model under the Borgward name will be unveiled later this year in time for the International Auto Show in Munich in the fall.
    • The company will reenter the market looking for ways to exploit interest in everything from electric cars to hybrids.
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The Borgward stand at the Geneva Motor Show showed a 50-year old Isabella Coupe painted in sky blue and cream colors, a glossy icon of Germany’s economic miracle. It was more than fifty years old.

Since the company went out of business half a century ago, the coupe was the only vehicle it had to put on display. Nonetheless, the company has a shiny new logo: A rhombus in red and white, similar to the one adorning the old Isabella.

Borgward is back, is the new logo’s message.

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