Apple Supplier Dula is Fit to Succeed

Tim Cook im Münsterland
Apple's Tim Cook (center) talks tables with Heinz-Herbert Dustmann (right) in Dula's Vreden workshop in February. Source: dpa

Heinz-Herbert Dustmann’s department store is a little different to similar shops around the world.

Located on a busy high street in Dortmund, it has been transformed into a showroom for Mr. Dustmann’s shop-fitting and office furniture company Dula.

Business customers include Zara, H&M, Dior, BMW and Apple. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook flew all the way from his HQ in California to one of Mr. Dustmann’s workshops near Dortmund in February. He commissioned the firm to build the tech giant’s new conference table.

“Thanks to the department store, we are the only store designer in the world that can tell its customers that we not only know your problems, we even have them ourselves,” jokes Mr. Dustmann.

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