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Amping Up Artificial Intelligence

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    CEO Bill McDermott wants SAP to focus heavily on developing intelligent applications for business software and experts say there is enormous potential in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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    • Computers are already performing tasks such as voice recognition, translation and medical diagnostics.
    • As technology gets better and cheaper, the volume of data available to companies to mine for knowledge also grows.
    • Since he took over in 2010, Mr. McDermott, an American, has led SAP to become the most valuable company in Germany with a market capitalization of €100 billion
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Robot hand throwing paper airplane
Hands up! Artificial intelligence is steadily getting smarter. Source: Getty Images

Bill McDermott has reprogrammed SAP. Under the leadership of its American chief executive, the German software group has acquired companies for €20 billion ($21.3 billion) since 2010 so as not to miss out on cloud computing.

It’s been a successful move as the company’s quarterly figures show. Business is growing steadily, the share price and value of the company have almost reached an all-time high, and the development team, once considered lethargic, has picked up the pace.

Now, though the company’s realignment isn’t quite complete, Mr. McDermott is getting SAP ready for the next big tech trend: artificial intelligence and its sub-discipline, machine learning.

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