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Amazon Not Afraid of Brexit

File picture of a worker walking through the picking tower at the Amazon warehouse in Milton Keynes
Picture Source: Reuters

Apple, Google and now Amazon. U.S. companies are not letting Britain’s departure from the European Union set back their investment plans on the island nation.

Amazon is planning to create 15,000 additional jobs in Europe, a new hiring record for the online retail giant. About a third of those jobs will go to Britain, increasing the number of Amazon employees in the United Kingdom to 24,000.

Germany, by contrast, will receive just 2,000 new jobs from Amazon’s European hiring spree. The online retailer currently employs 14,500 people in Germany.

Many of the positions are in newly announced logistic centers as well as Amazon offices and development centers. Amazon currently has more than 100 locations in Europe.

Other U.S. companies, such as Apple and Google, are also expanding in Britain. Apple plans to build a new U.K. headquarters in London. Chief Executive Tim Cook has said he is “very optimistic” about Britain’s future after it leaves the European Union. Google is also moving ahead with a new London headquarters despite the Brexit vote.

While some sectors like financial firms have been more vocal about leaving, the decisions of the U.S. Silicon Valley giants may have something to do with their relationship with Brussels. Tech companies such as Apple and Google have repeatedly butted heads with the European Union. Brussels has called on Apple to pay $14.5 billion in back taxes to member state Ireland and has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Google.

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