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Alongside Cans of Ravioli, High Fashion

Joop design for Aldi source Aldi sued
Ms. Joop designed these garments for Aldi.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Fashion designer Jette Joop wants to democratize high-end design but some say selling designer clothing through a discount food retailer could damage her brand.

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    • Ms. Joop will launch her new Blue Moon collection on April 5 at an Aldi Süd store in Düsseldorf.
    • The line of women’s fashion and shoes will be sold exclusively in stores of the German discount retailer.
    • In 2004, Karl Lagerfeld successfully designed a collection for H&M: Long lines formed in front of the stores and sales rose by a quarter over the previous year.
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Fashion models have strutted their stuff in many unusual locations. Designer Issey Miyake, for example, showed his designs in a Paris Metro station. Jean Paul Gaultier paraded his models round a boxing ring. Michael Michalsky turned a Berlin church into a catwalk.

No one has yet shown their garments in a discount grocery store — until premium designer Jette Joop came along.

Ms. Joop, the daughter of leading German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop, is launching her new line on April 5 at an Aldi Süd in Dusseldorf, the retailer known for its low-cost wares and pared-to-the-minimum display style.

A few days later, Ms. Joop’s Blue Motion collection of women’s fashion and shoes will go on sale exclusively in Aldi stores.

It’s an unlikely pairing — designer fashion between discount cans of ravioli, chocolate bars and toilet paper, all under harsh neon lighting and without a changing room.

For Ms. Joop, it’s about democratizing design.

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