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Aiming for One-Click Buying

shopco co-chief Jay Habib wants you to smile and click.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    If successful, Shop.Co’s business model could be a game-changer in online retailing.

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    • The startup’s website,, says it has “The world’s first universal one-click buy button.”
    • During first-round financing, Shop.Co raised €2.25 million ($2.54 million). Another round is scheduled for October.
    • Jay Habib, an entrepreneur and business-data processing specialist, and IT expert Manuel Schoebel are the company’s co-founders.
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When Jay Habib moved with his family three years ago, he wanted to order a number of things for their new home online. But he was annoyed by the fact that at each online store, he had to go through a lengthy registration process.

“And even then, it took as many as 12 further steps to make a purchase. What a senseless waste of time,” said Mr. Habib, a business-data processing specialist.

And so he came up with the idea for Shop.Co, a Düsseldorf-based online shopping tool that enables users to buy items at online stores worldwide with just a single click.

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