Herbert Hainer

Adidas Chief's Final Kick Off

What next for Herbert Hainer?
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Adidas has stabilized after a rocky 2014, but the company still needs to deal with its ailing shoe maker Reebok, and ensure it does not cede more ground to rivals.

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    • Herbert Hainer will step down as chief executive of Adidas this fall after 15 years in charge.
    • He has nearly tripled both revenues and profits during his tenure and shares have risen 600 percent.
    • But the company is still losing ground to its main rival Nike
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Herbert Hainer was 46 when he took over the top job at Adidas in 2001. Back then he had a moustache, which he has since shaved off, but otherwise the manager has not changed much. The 61-year-old was as slim and dynamic-looking as ever as he presented the sports company’s annual figures on Thursday for the last time.

Mr. Hainer only referred in passing to his departure, which is planned for the fall, when he spoke to the press at Adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, in Bavaria.

He saw fit to clarify one thing: “As a business we are stronger and in better form today than ever before.”

After a weak 2014, he has steered Adidas, Europe’s biggest sports shoe manufacturer, back on course. Better still, Adidas will see strong growth this year and be on track for the future.

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