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Adding Up in Berlin

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Applied math research seeks to transfer knowledge from science to industry and education to solve problems and develop new technologies.

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    • The Einstein Center for Mathematics Berlin supports a network of initiatives spanning the Research Center Matheon, the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), the German Center for Teacher Education in Mathematics (DZLM), the Research Campus Modal, and several Collaborative Research Centers (CRCs) or Transregional Research Centers (TRs).
    • The Matheon is a joint research center of Berlin’s three universities, the Free University, the Humboldt University and the Technical University along with two research institutes known by their German acronyms WIAS and ZIB.
    • The Matheon focuses on application-driven maths and methods in modeling, simulation, and optimization for real world processes. Its application areas span life sciences, energy, electronic devices and geometric design and visualization.
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matheon (2)
Sum time in Berlin, increasingly a center of math research. Source: Matheon

When Prince died suddenly in April last year, the Berlin research center Matheon issued a public statement. The mathematicians’ message was that the pop star’s life could have been saved. Yet that didn’t explain why a mathematics research group felt inclined to make the statement. Prince certainly didn’t die from a number.

However, Prince did die from a large dose of the painkiller fentanyl. The drug belongs to the family of opioids, and is similar to morphine but with devastating side effects. Its dangerous nature is very well known at the Zuse Institute in Berlin, perhaps better than anywhere else in the world. Over 10 years ago Marc Weber and his team began to work to free fentanyl of its detrimental side effects. Suddenly Prince’s death was very relevant to the work of a mathematics institute in Berlin.

The math boom in Berlin is very different from what is going on across the country in Bonn. While the Rhineland city is the stronghold of theoretical mathematics, Berlin thinks more in practical terms.

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