Price Fixing

A Juggernaut Fight

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Truck makers including Daimler, MAN and others are potentially facing long and costly law-suits from freight forwarders in the wake of the European Commission’s record billion-euro fine for price fixing.

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    • The E.U. Commission in July fined European truck makers nearly €3 billion for price fixing and delaying the introduction of new technologies against emissions.
    • Freight transporters are getting ready to sue for damages.
    • A law firm representing some of the forwarders sees total damages of €7.2 billion.
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Lkw auf Autobahnraststätte
Freight transporters are preparing to sue truck manufacturers for several billions over price fixing. Source: Patrick Seeger / Dpa.

Freight forwarding is a tough enough industry as it is: The cost of fuel, drivers and tolls, not to mention cut-throat competition, allow trucking companies to just barely turn a profit at best.

So when the E.U. Commission condemned truck manufacturers for price fixing in July, it gave freight carriers something to feel angry about. The record €2.9 billion ($3.2 billion) fine sent a clear message: Truck manufacturers cheated their clients using inflated prices.

Freight transporters are now readying a counter-attack and want to see their financial losses covered. Lawsuits against truck makers have already been filed in Ireland and Turkey, and now the industry also wants to see some action in Germany.

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