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Helping shoppers find what they're looking for.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The southern German startup Findbox is part of the growing intelligent price tag industry, worth an estimated $4.45 billion.

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    • Findbox is working with 25 major retail chains to create individual product recognition and location systems with its 3D product identification device.
    • The company is already present in Great Britain and France, and the first systems are being installed in eastern Europe.
    • Findbox is also developing electronic price tag systems, competing with companies like Swedish firm Pricer and France’s Imagotag.
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Michael Unmüssig had a stroke of luck when he sold his company, K + U Printware, back in 2012. The purchaser, the American Clover Group, was only interested in recycling printer cartridges. So the 45-year-old was able to keep the technological centerpiece of the company, a three-dimensional product identification device that it had developed itself.

He and his partner Thomas Schwarz recognized the technology’s potential, especially for the retail trade, and used it to develop their next successful venture, Findbox.

Their first product was simple, but effective: A customer just places a broken light-bulb or an empty printer cartridge under a scanner and enters some information via a touchscreen, and an LED light points to the shelf where the product can be found.

One of the company’s first clients was the major cash and carry chain Metro, which has now equipped its wholesale stores all over Germany with the technology, following a test phase. The system recently received a retail technology award by the EHI Retail Institute.

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