Malaysia Airlines

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Malaysia Airlines Imago cut
Airline in distress.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    New management at Malaysia Airlines may turn the disaster-ridden airline around and return it to profit.

  • Facts


    • High costs, unprofitable routes and new rivals have made Malaysia Airlines one of the least profitable airlines worldwide.
    • Malaysia Airlines operates flights out of Kuala Lumpur but is threatened by two low-cost domestic rivals.
    • One year ago Sunday, Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 disappeared.
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As a turnaround specialist for seemingly hopeless cases, Christoph Müller has found the perfect place to work in Kuala Lumpur.

The man who has rescued the troubled Irish airline Aer Lingus is now is taking on the greatest challenge in his industry: the ill-fated Malysia Airlines.

Mr. Müller took charge of the disaster-ridden company on Sunday, to rescue it from what must be one of the most catastrophic years in the history of aviation these past twelve months.

This weekend will mark the first anniversary of the first of the two tragedies that accelerated the nosedive of the already ailing airline.

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