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A new green industrial coolant has hit the scene.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Stricter environmental and energy-efficiency standards are forcing the cooling and air-conditioning systems industry to think out of the box.

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    • Holger Sedlak and Oliver Kniffler founded Efficient Energy after they quit their jobs at semiconductor-maker Infineon in 2005.
    • Cooling and air-conditioning systems consume about 15 percent of the world’s electricity, the International Institute of Refrigeration says.
    • The institute estimates the market for air-conditioning and cooling technology to be between €70 billion and €80 billion.
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IT specialist Holger Sedlak used to have good job at German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon where he developed over 80 patents. These days he would rather sell cooling systems, a change of tack which all began with an oil furnace.

Twelve years ago, Mr. Sedlak had a modern oil-fired heating system installed in his house in a Munich suburb. Much to his frustration, the new model was hardly any more efficient than his old furnace. There has to be a better way, thought Mr. Sedlak, and began to tinker around with ideas.

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