Enders Under Pressure

A Bumpy Ride at Airbus

EADS-Chef Tom Enders stellt am 27.02.2013 in Berlin die Geschäftszahlen des europäischen Luftfahrt- und Rüstungskonzerns für das vergangene Jahr auf einer Pressekonferenz vor. Foto: Kay Nietfeld/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++
Pressure piles up on Airbus boss, Tom Enders.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The shortcomings are costing billions, but Airbus is helped by the fact that competitors are struggling with similar problems.

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    • Insiders say canceled orders could reduce sales by as much as €6 billion in the next two years, or about $6.7 billion.
    • Since its all-time high in December, its share price has fallen by 20 percent.
    • One of the biggest problems is the military transport A400M. It is the most important product of Airbus Defense and Space, the group’s second-largest division with revenues of €13 billion.
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Usually Tom Enders starts the day with a bounce in his step. “When I get up early, I have time to go jogging and can read e-mails in peace and quiet,” said the Airbus chief.

But in recent weeks, a torrent of bad news has interrupted the 57-year-old’s morning routine day after day:

– The A320neo, its mid-range fuel-efficient passenger plane, has problems with its engines.

– A helicopter in the group’s Super Puma series crashed in late April and aviation authorities have grounded the model.

– Technical problems have delayed deliveries of the new A400M military transport, and some German politicians want to cancel orders.

– And production snags have plagued almost every passenger aircraft that Airbus makes, from the commercial standard A320 to the super-jumbo A380.

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