Motel One

From Accountant to Hotelier

Making its mark on the hotel business in Germany.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Motel One has created its own successful market niche between luxury hotels and low-cost boardinghouses, and could be a model for others.

  • Facts


    • Motel One was third among Europe’s fastest growing hotel chains last year.
    • Last year, 4.2 million guests stayed in 54 Motel One hotels with nearly 13,000 rooms in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Great Britain.
    • By 2017, Motel One plans to expand to 74 hotels with around 18,000 rooms, of which 5,700 are already outside Germany.
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Sometimes he just sits there with his eyes closed and imagines what it will be like. He stretches out on the turquoise-colored lounge chairs on the hotel’s rooftop terrace on Berlin’s famous shopping street, Kurfürstendamm. There’s a great view over Berlin – but also over the terrace of the Waldorf Astoria next door.

Soon, Dieter Müller will be able to offer his guests a better view than the luxury-class competitor. The owner of Motel One will be opening his ninth and biggest hotel in the German capital in 2017. He will also offer a much more affordable room price of €69 ($74) a night.

“Long before signing the contract and starting construction, I have to imagine what kind of a feeling our guests will have when they visit one of our new hotels,” said Mr. Müller, founder and chairman of the budget hotel chain with the distinctive turquoise logo. “We want to offer our guests a pleasant atmosphere – but I also always have to have an eye on economic efficiency.”

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