The German View

Brexit will change how firms do business in Europe’s second-largest economy, affecting everything from labor laws to investment decisions.

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Exit Talks

Schäuble Open to Reversing Brexit

As British politicians try to form a government to negotiate withdrawing from the EU, Germany's finance minister said the UK doesn't have to leave.

London clearing houses affected by Brexit

European Commission

Brussels wants more control over clearing

After Brexit, clearing houses working with euro derivatives could be forced to move from London to the Continent, depending on their significance to the EU financial market.

Brexit talks

No Pity for the Prime Minister

European Union officials are unwilling to make concessions following Britain’s messy elections, upping the pressure on Theresa May to change her Brexit stance.

Leaving London?

Brexit Uncertainty Hits Euro Clearing

The European Commission wants greater control over the clearing of euro-denominated derivatives in London, and is threatening to take legal measures to get it.

Economist warning

Germany’s hard Brexit

The head of Germany's most influential economic research institute, Clemens Fuest, warns the country will lose out as much as Britain if there is a hard Brexit.

Brexit jeopardy

Election Shock in Britain

Britain’s election has seriously weakened Prime Minister Theresa May and placed a question mark over Brexit negotiations. Germany is hoping it may soften Britain's stance.

British election

Crossing Fingers for Corbyn

Given Theresa May’s hard line on Brexit, many business leaders in Germany will be quietly hoping she loses Thursday’s general election — even though the alternative is a dyed-in-the-wool leftwinger.

Hard Brexit

Brexit Is Punishment Enough For UK

In a Handelsblatt interview, one-time foreign minister Joschka Fischer and former EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson say Britain is damaging itself by leaving the EU.

New Survey

Not on Britain’s Side

British Prime Minister Theresa May hopes German exporters will pressure Berlin into making concessions to the UK in Brexit talks. She will likely be disappointed.

Brussels gossip

EU’s Juncker Calls Brexit Dinner Leak ‘Mistake’

Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, denied being the source of the leak after the reportedly disastrous dinner with the British Prime Minister.

Trade concerns

European business nervous over Brexit meltdown

As tensions rise between the EU and Britain, there’s growing concern among European industry professionals that negotiations could fail, with costly consequences for both sides.

Audit warning

The Brexit Minefield

Brexit will not be a one-off hit on the balance sheets of German companies but a long and painful series of hard to predict threats and costly problems. Expect fireworks.

Brexit Fallout

London at Risk of Losing Derivatives Trade

The European Union wants to move euro clearinghouses away from the British island onto the continent possibly jeopardizing thousands of jobs in London.

Merkel on Brexit

Don’t Be Under Any Illusions

In her toughest talk yet on Brexit, the chancellor told Germany's Bundestag on Thursday that Britain can't have its cake and eat it too.


Frankfurt, the Not-So-Hot Favorite

London’s bankers have little love for Germany's financial capital of Frankfurt. But the city is likely to be the post-Brexit destination for many of them.


Britain Keeping EU in the Dark about Brexit Representative

Brexit negotiations are due to start soon, but the EU still has not received a clear answer from London about who will represent Britain.

Tough Talks

European Union Closes Ranks on Brexit

British government hopes of dividing the remaining 27 European Union states are thwarted, as new guidelines show the EU toughening its negotiating position on Brexit.


Finance Ministry Pushes EU to Toughen Brexit Stance

A set of EU negotiating guidelines pushed by the German finance ministry calls on Britain to fulfill its financial obligations to the EU and says a free-trade treaty must include protections against tax dumping.

Brexit negotiations

Why Germany ‘Kant’ Be Britain’s Perfect Ally

As the Brexit talks approach, many Britons still view Germany as potentially forthcoming when it comes to future UK-EU trade agreements. But Michael Wohlgemuth, Director of the think tank Open Europe Berlin, warns Germany may not turn out to be the natural ally Britons hope for.

Enda Kenny

A Difficult Mission

No EU country will be more affected by Brexit than Ireland. Prime Minister Kenny had an uphill task this week of convincing Berlin and EU partners to tread lightly in upcoming negotiations.


The Rock and Taxes

With Brexit looming and Spain and Britain at loggerheads once again over Gibraltar, Germany will make its views known clearly.